La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte - 12/19/2010

Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010
La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte, Robusto 5.5" x 54.  Consistently nice cigar, I have smoked many of them.  Pepper and spice, in a nice strong blend.  Never overwhelming.

Paired with 2000 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Saugivnon.  A very very good Cab!

58 degrees on the first decent evening in awhile.

Tierra de Sol - 12/12/2010

Posted: Monday, December 13, 2010
Tierra del Sol, box pressed Torpedo, 6.1x54.  Average tobacco flavor with some cocoa and coffee flavor.  Not very spicy.  Not as harsh as some of these I've smoked before, perhaps due to aging.

Paired with Boyds Gourmet Medallion coffee.

61 degrees on a cold damp morning.

Diesel Unlimited - 12/11/2010


Diesel Unlimited, d,7, Churchill 7x58.  Big new Diesel, but very disappointing.  Harsh and tarry off the light, stayed pretty harsh throughout, finally mellowing a bit a the end.  This was smoked 5 days off the truck, and is very young, may need a bit of time aging.  All in all a poor smoke considering the excellent Diesel Unholy Cocktail's excellence.

Paired with 2007 Londer Dry Gewürztraminer.  An excellent dry white wine!

59 degrees on a cold damp afternoon.

Isla del Sol - 12/05/2010

Posted: Sunday, December 5, 2010
Isla del Sol, Gran Corona 5.0" x 44.  Small coffee infused and sweetened cigar, smokes very mild with a lot of smoke.  Nice for breakfast.

Paired with Western Family Distinct Selection French Roast Coffee after malted pancakes.

53 degrees on a soggy morning.